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Sharadagram College
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About Sharadagram

During the era of freedom fighting, in the year 1921, Shri Sharadagram first came into existence as “Shree Sharda Mandir” on humble, mat-laden grounds of a public park in Karachi, amidst many obstacles.

Gradually, it progressed and developed into a modern education institute of national stature, and earned fame across Hindustan as a “Sanskar Mandir” or Temple of Virtues (owing to the good values that it instilled in the students).

Being a favourite institute or sanstha of Mahatma Gandhiji, it had received his blessings. Since its birth, Mahatma Gandhiji had taken keen interest in its activities on several occasions. The foundation stone of its building was also laid by him.

It was considered a sacred place of education. Mahatma Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Pundit Jawaharlal and almost all national leaders used to stay in the institute, whenever they would visit Karachi. There were trees planted by these leaders in the institute.

In 1945, during the Silver Jubilee event, Dr. Radhakrishnan had honoured the institute in an extraordinary way by describing it as one of its kind, or rare.

The people of greater Gujarat were familiar with the outstanding record of the institute, for it had played a historic part in their social, cultural, educational and political upbringing for twenty-eight years.

Before the institute’s activities came to a halt due to the formation of Pakistan, there were 1,200 students in the institute, happily learning, enjoying and enriching their lives and souls within its walls.

Thereafter, the Management decided to continue education activities in the independent India, as per the instruction from Mahatma Gandhiji, which he had given 12 days ago, before his death. The work began in that direction.

Arising from those efforts, the Saurashtra Government offered land in a rural area within Saurashtra or “Sorath”, near Mangrol (in Junagadh district of Gujarat State). The land comprised a Baugh comprising 110 bighas of land and 1,000 bighas of forest land.

On 1st April 1949, a decision was taken to reconstruct the institute in the form of “Shree Sharadagram” at the place.

Today, having earned a title of “Saurashtra’s Kashmir” (owing to its beauty), this lovely place is like a heaven on earth, boating an academic campus, gardens, mango and coconut tree plantations, swimming facilities and wonderful natural landscape, spread out in several acres of land.

Blending the urban and the rural environments in accordance to Mahatma Gandhiji’s vision, the aim of the Sharadagram institute is to offer wholesome education to its students in their journey of life and to develop itself into an institute of highest rank.